New AUC France Board

Post date: 09-Sep-2018 00:43:38

Dear AUC Alumni,

Hope you have enjoyed your vacations and had a good return;

We are very happy to inform you that in Sep 5th AUC held a “Conseil d’Administration”, with University presidents, which elected a new board.

They also unanimously recognized the excellent work of the former leadership and smooth transition; So big THANKS and bravo for the exiting leadership: Therese Vien, Nabil Talaouit, Olivier Klein and Yves Rebuel.

They also approved an agenda aimed to strengthen our purpose, review the priorities of our association and internal governance, and organize meaningful gatherings.

We all thank the voting members for their trust and warm welcome.

New AUC France Board leadership:

Président Yves Rebuel Chicago Booth

Vice Président Roberto Abramovich Thunderbird

Secrétaire Générale Monika Moser Cornell University

Trésoriere Anne Marie Mattson University of Texas

Gregory from T-Bird, and Delphine from Penn, will also help us as respectively Honorary President and “Remote Community Manager".

We already started working in the following priorities:

* Review and validate with current members AUC purpose, mission, and scope

* Organize the key AUC events (thanksgiving, May cocktail) besides other ones tbc

* Simplify and update the bylaws that manage the association

* Improve AUC communication to members (website, calendars, etc)

* Continuously improve financials to support costs of running multiple

* Re-engage old members and attract new schools

Many thanks for your continuous interest on AUC and looking forward to meeting you shortly!

Yves, Roberto, Monika, Anne-Marie