• 2018, November 20th: AUC France 's 2018 Thanksgiving Dinner at Ladurée

Photos of the event can be found HERE(fb) or HERE(HD)

  • 2018, November 11th: Veteran's Day, Armistice Day
    AUC France has layed a wreath and participating in the ceremonies on Armistice Day,  honoring those fallen and the Centennial of the end of WWI.e
Article on the event can be found in the news section HERE

  • 2018, October 04thAfter Work Drinks Party @ Melia Vendôme ****

  • 2018, June 7th:  AUC France Annual Reception & Summer Cocktail at Hotel de Talleyrand
Photos of the event can be found HERE

  • 2018, May 22nd: Conference / Cocktail with Former Prime Minister JP Raffarin (Moderator : Nicolas Beytout) on "US - China : Will there be a trade war?" at UNESCO 
Photos of the event can be found HERE 

  • 2016, March 31st: After-work drinks & live music at Else

  • 2016, February 17th: After-work drinks at Lindbergh Bar / Marriott Opera Ambassador

  • 2015, December 2nd: After-work drinks at Lindbergh Bar / Marriott Opera Ambassador

  • 2015, November 24th: Thanksgiving dinner at Joe Allen's

  • 2015, November 18th: After-work drinks at Le Fouquet's

  • 2015, June 22nd: AUC France Annual Reception & Summer Cocktail in presence of US Ambassador Jane D. Hartley

  • 2015, May 6th: After-work drinks at Maison Lapérouse

  • 2015, Febuary 26th: After-work drinks at l'Appart

  • 2014, December 17th: AUC's Xmas Party at l'Appart

  • 2014, November 25th: Thanksgiving Dinner at Hotel Edouard VII **** with special guest from the U.S. Embassy in Paris

  • 2014, October 29th: After-work drinks at the Welcome Café

  • 2014, August 28th: After-work drinks of "la rentrée" at the First Avenue

  • 2014, June 25th: AUC France Annual Reception & Summer Cocktail with the US EMBASSY

  • 2013, November 25th: Thanksgiving Dinner at Atelier du Maître Albert

  • 2013, September 19th: All Tech afterwork drinks in partnership with Georgia Tech and MIT

  • 2013, June 24th: AUC France Annual Reception & Summer Cocktail in presence of US Ambassador Charles H. Rivkin
        Photos of the event can be found here

  • 2013, January 24th: Galette des Rois

  • 2012, November 20th: Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Bizzart club
            Thanks once again for this great succes!

  • 2012, June 13th: AUC France Annual Reception & Summer Cocktail with H.E. Ambassador Rivkin at the George Marshall Center

Thank you for this wonderful event!

Photos of the event can be found at PicasaFacebook and The American Clubs

Please use this link to go to this event specific page


  • 2012, April 3rd: Speed Networking event

Thanks for making this first Speed Networking event a real success


  • 2011, November 21st: AUC Thanksgiving dinner

Thanks folks for another successful event! 

Photos of the event can be found here



  • 2011, May 2nd: AUC Whisky Tasting event

  • 2011, January: Galette des Rois - 2011 AUC kick-off happy hour
  • 2010, December: Storytelling Event hosted by Thunderbird

Thanks to all of you who have attended this dinner and made it a success! We were very happy to see you all and share this special moment with you. 

For those of you who were waitlisted and did not have the opportunity to attend, we'd like to say how much we would have liked to be able to welcome you and promise you we will do our best to find a larger space next year! 

Photos of the event can be found here

  • 2010, October: 

    Democrats Abroad France and Republicans Abroad France Debate 

Location : ESCP Europe, 79 ave. de la Republique, 75011 Paris, Metro St. Maur

Date : Wednesday, October 27th at 7pm - only 6 days before crucial U.S. Congressional Elections

Come support the AUC moderators from the University of Chicago and the University of Texas

Which party best addresses challenges on American economic, social and foreign policy?  

                          1st Debate by the Juniors :   Young Democrats versus Young Republicans

                          2nd Debate by the Seniors: Thomas McGrath versus Joseph Smallhoover


10 euro admission, refreshments provided 

Event organized by AUC and hosted by ESCP RSVP :

  • AUC Whisky Tasting: 

    'Single malt', 'blend', 'chill-filtered' ...

Your appreciation of Whisky may be related to your knowledge of this centuries-old eau-de-vie.

Scottish, Irish, Japanese or American, learn about its production, aging and how to decipher labels. 

Experience an extraordinary tasting of Whisky paired with cheeses and desserts. 

A prize will be awarded to the best taster amongst you! 

Régis Hardouin-Finez, consultant for the Figaro Club Vin and Le Vin Partagé, is offering this sensational session at 35 € / person


2018, December 10th: AUC France member Chicago Booth event
Dinner & Conference with Marc Liévremont on Rugby 🏈 Values & Corporate Management
Maison des Polytechniciens

2018, September 28 & 29th: AUC France member UCLA event: Paris-LA Innovation Bridge Kick Off Event

2018, October 04th AUC France member Cornell, Hotel Society event

2018, October 10th: AUC France member UCLA event: Conference with R. Hougaard, Corporate Mindfulness

2018, October 16thAUC France member Georgetown event: " Meaning through Americans eyes" , Patrouille de France's US Tour

2018, October 25th: AUC France member T-bird event: Disruptive and leapfrog technologies - business forum

AUC France Partners past events:

2018, December 1st: AUC France + Ambassade des Etats-Unis d'Amérique: Equestrian Show, “Riders Masters Cup” 
2018, December 3rd: AUC France + France Amériques Jeunes:
Cocktail de fin d'année, Hôtel Le Marois
2018, December 4th: AUC France + Am Cham:
Club networking evening, Hôtel Hilton Opéra ****

2018, December 18th: AUC France + The French American Fund
French American Fund's Annual Gala, Hotel de Talleyrand